Top 5 Benefits of Co-working

By Avestix Lab | Blog

Jan 31

Modern technology has made the world our office cubicle. If you have a laptop and a mobile phone, you can work from pretty much anywhere: your kitchen table, a coffee shop, your car, the beach.

But working remotely has its challenges. It can feel isolating. You can get sidetracked by Instagram or the TV. If you’re in your pajamas, can you be productive with little accountability?

And so began the age of co-working. A co-working space is a place where you can work in a structured environment among other people from different companies.

It comes with a slew of benefits.

1. You can network and collaborate with like-minded people

Co-working spaces bring together a diverse mix of individuals, startups and industries.

For example, at Avestix Lab, a co-working and office space in Brisbane, we’ve created an ecosystem for disruptive technologies like blockchain, artificial technology, fintech, proptech and robotics.

Working alongside people from diversified backgrounds lets you collaborate with professionals in your own line of work and those in related fields. An established co-working space can significantly expand a startup’s networks internally and externally.

Furthermore, a co-working space provides a professional venue to meet with stakeholders, partners, prospects, clients, or future investors.

2. You can get expert help when you need it

Co-working spaces house some truly bright minds, each often an expert in their own field. You can get expert advice on a wide range of topics like digital marketing, development, design and other specialisations.

But the assistance you can gain from a co-working space can go way beyond the help of other members. Avestix Lab for example, provides members with extensive business support services including access to a VC funding program for disruptive technology startups.

3. You’re flexible

If you’re a startup founder looking to scale your team fast, the last thing you want to do is lease an office for one year and set it up with receptionists, WiFi, desks and chairs, printers and shredders. Channel that time and money towards growing your business instead.

Apps are now designed with remote teams in mind. Asana or Trello can take the place of status meetings, Slack can replace the office memo board, Dropbox or Google Drive make sure you have all your files at your fingertips.

Most co-working spaces give you 24/7 building access, and the flexibility of a hot desk or a month-to-month contract. The co-working space maintains the infrastructure and equipment, and they foot all of the utility bills. All you need to do is sit down and get to work.

4. You’re breaking out of your comfort zone

You will enjoy the synergy of an office-style environment where people work autonomously without any of the office politics.

Working across the table from someone with a completely different skill set can give you a creative boost and help shape new perspectives.

5. You have work-life balance

Working from a co-working space instead of your kitchen table gives you a healthy balance between home and work. Even small things like getting out of your pajamas and into casual business attire will make your productivity levels skyrocket.

Your work schedule and routine will also become more efficient. You show up for work, crush your to-do lists in a distraction-free zone, then go home at the end of the day to relax.   

Gone are the days when co-working spaces were a niche concept. They have now evolved from temporary working spaces into a permanent business strategy for many companies.


If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of co-working or using a dedicated office space at Avestix Lab, Brisbane’s newest tech-hub and ecosystem created to nurture disruptive technologies, contact us today.

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