Global Economics and Finance Expert Gerry Brady Joins Avestix

By Avestix Lab | Blog

Feb 12

We’re thrilled to welcome Gerry Brady as a regular contributor to the Avestix Lab blog, and as a co-host of our in-house discussion groups.

Gerry is an international man of mystery…founder, publisher and editor of a global economics and finance newspaper, BOOM Finance and Economics, co-founder of the first company to map the Internet, co-founder of a pharmaceutical research company, a probing economist and all-round critical thinker.

With his special interests in a range of topics – including global macro-economics, monetary systems, global finance, high technology, virtual reality in entertainment and education, currencies, investment, financial markets, artificial intelligence, the Crypto world – his upcoming editorial pieces will be of particular interest to all fellow critical thinkers!

You can hear more from Gerry via his podcast, ‘Our Brave New Economic World’, which focuses on topics such as how China and corporate debt are forging our future, and the relationship between Argentina and oil.

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